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Dongguan LingKang Wire & Cable CO.,LTD. Was founded in 2009,it is professional in producing Tinsel Wire and Speaker Wire Manufacturer in China, has been specializing in designing and developing Medical Cable, Multimedia Cable and Acoustic Cable conductor more than 1000 types.
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>Copper Stranded Wire Why Is There A Slippery ...

1, clip hardness is low; when the clip hardness is lower than the hardness of the strand, the clip can not form a scratches on the

>Nichrome Wire The Advantages Of Processing Use

In the past few years, we have used a variety of alloy wire around the place more, because in many industrial production areas, th


DongGuan LingKang wire & cable Co.,LTD has gotten ISO9001, Kosher and Halal certificates. Our products are tested by SGS and NSF.has gotten ISO9001, Kosher and Halal certificates.

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