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copper stranded wire essential
Aug 30, 2017

Copper stranded wire has become a part of people's lives, copper stranded wire essential parts of copper, copper wire ties people's quality of life, to promote national finance. So what is the copper wire in the end?

Do you know the difference between copper braided wire and wound wire? Here to introduce the copper braided wire and the winding line in the shape, copper stranded wire the use of performance above the same point and the difference between the comparison, I hope you read the following explanation, to better distinguish between copper braided wire and winding line.

First, the same point

Copper braided wire and winding wire is the same is that they are both on the circuit to play a protective role in the material, the use of the circuit played a very important role, according to the needs of customers flexible settings for the circuit Coverage, whether it is winding or weaving the line can play a protective role, copper stranded wire is a good helper for the development of the circuit.

Second, different points

Copper braided wire and winding line is different in the performance of the braided wire is generally made of relatively hard materials, and the winding wire material is softer; copper braided wire thickness than the winding thickness of double, in the use of more With the good performance; copper braided wire is generally used in high-frequency equipment, and winding wire used in low-frequency equipment, copper stranded wire the use of the two have a strict limit; copper braided wire structure relative to the winding line is relatively stable, Not loose, not easy to deformation, winding in the use of the process prone to loose situation.

Product quality and stability guaranteed. Hard copper stranded bare copper wire monofilament is the use of the most advanced high-speed even pull even pull copper drawing process, copper wire processing in the whole process to achieve a microcomputer control, monofilament quality is stable and reliable, and hard copper The performance of all meet or exceed the national standards and the EU electrical standards, the use of safe and secure process.

Copper wire selection should first look at the appearance of copper wire to make judgments, good copper wire looks more bright, and no obvious damage scratches and so on. Also as long as the outside is good color, copper stranded wire there is no dark spots, cracks and other phenomena is better copper wire. And then look at the specifications and models of copper wire is the need to observe the line size and specifications, copper wire drawing in the required range. And then look at the composition of its structure, specifically that is to observe the distribution of stranded wire and composition can be directly observed with the naked eye, copper wire quality is very important to choose substandard material production will cause serious safety accidents. Finally, copper stranded wire look at copper wire welding is reliable, the interface part of the welding to be neat, there can not be uneven。