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copper stranded wire Process rules
Aug 30, 2017

Direct identification of copper stranded wire?

1, first of all: copper wire to buy from the appearance of the beginning of the observation, the general good copper twisted its appearance compared to the light, copper stranded wire no obvious damage and scratches, there will be no obvious oxidation reaction caused by discoloration. Outside the color of the comparison of the uniform, no dark spots, no cracks, uniform distance uniform. copper stranded wire Meet the above criteria is a good copper wire selection.

2, followed by: see copper wire specifications models. The choice of copper wire need to observe the line size and specifications, copper stranded wire the general copper wire drawing in the required range, can not exceed the process standards, or as invalid stranded. The single wire that makes up the strand must meet the uniform and neat characteristics and conform to the technical rules.

3, again: copper wire to buy the wire also need to observe the distribution and composition of the structure to see if there are short-term, missing line, copper stranded wire loose stock, shares of the phenomenon, generally these can be observed by the naked eye, need careful The inspection of copper wire quality, can not choose unqualified products used to produce wires and cables, will cause serious safety accidents.

4, the last: copper wire of the purchase also pay attention to whether the welding process is reliable, the welding part of the interface is neat, copper stranded wire there is no uneven lines of the phenomenon. Welding interface should be repaired neatly, repair flat, rubbing round, can not handle, the diameter of the welding head generally can not exceed 0.2 mm; adjacent two copper wire welding should maintain a certain distance, even to uniform.

Depending on the characteristics of the hard copper wire and the soft copper strand, they are used in different areas. Hard copper stranded wire is often used for applications where conductivity is required and relatively high in tension, such as distribution lines and construction conductors, as well as in the case of transmission Cable. Soft copper wire is usually thinner than hard copper wire, copper stranded wire the conductivity is particularly high, there are toughness. What we see most is the household electrical wire, it is also used in electrical machinery, as the power cable and communication equipment, the conductor.