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copper stranded wire The color of the phenomenon
Aug 30, 2017

Copper wire, is a line made of copper.

First of all: look at the appearance of copper stranded copper wire need to buy from the appearance of the beginning of the observation, the general good copper twisted its appearance compared to the light, copper stranded wire the service has obvious damage and scratches, there will be no obvious oxidation reaction Discoloration. Outside the color of the comparison of uniform, there are dark spots, copper stranded wire there are cracks, uniform distance uniform. Meet the above criteria is a good copper wire selection. Second, look at copper wire specifications Model copper wire selection need to observe the line size and specifications, copper stranded wire the general copper wire drawing in the required range, can not exceed the process standards, or as invalid stranded. The single wire that makes up the strand must meet the uniform and neat characteristics and conform to the technical rules. Again: look at the composition of copper stranded copper wire also need to observe the distribution of twisted strand and composition of the structure to see if there are short-term, missing line, loose stock, shares of the phenomenon, these are generally visible to the naked eye , We need to carefully observe the quality of copper wire, copper stranded wire can not choose unqualified products used to produce wires and cables, will cause serious security incidents. Finally: see copper wire soldering process copper wire of the purchase also pay attention to whether the welding process is reliable, the welding part of the interface is neat, there are irregular lines of the phenomenon.copper stranded wire Welding interface should be maintenance neat, repair flat,copper stranded wire rubbing round, can not handle, the diameter of the welding head generally can not exceed 0.2 mm; adjacent two copper wire welding should maintain a certain distance, I Division to be uniform.

Military covered wire conductor; power industry grounding rod; power cable weaving shielded wire; all kinds of electronic components of the connector; special cable reinforced conductive wire core; power transmission and telephone lines of the overhead line; parallel dual-core telephone user communication line Conductor, conductor, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, copper stranded wire cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable,

(1) hard copper stranded wire: hard copper wire because of its strong anti-tension knot, resistance small conductive machine can be used, copper stranded wire it is often used for the need for conductive and tension on the relatively high requirements, such as distribution lines and construction Conductor, as well as row of transmission cable. The

(2) soft copper wire: we most common is the home electrical wire, it is also applicable to electrical machinery, as the power cable and communications equipment, copper stranded wire the conductor. Soft copper wire specifications are 15-7Φ5, 12-7Φ5, 9-7Φ5, etc., to 15-7Φ5, for example, 5, said the nominal diameter of 5.0mm wire, 7Φ5 said seven of these steel wire to form a strand, and 15 means that 15 of these strands constitute a bundle of rebars, the general meaning is "a bundle of 15 7 wire (total diameter of 5mm, copper stranded wire each wire diameter of about 1.7mm) steel wire composed of steel."

Insulated copper wire applications: copper wire outside there is a circle of plastic or plastic. copper stranded wire Made of such copper wire is mainly the use of copper wire with high resistance to the characteristics of tension, can be used for special locks, bicycles or battery cars, motorcycles on the brake line. You can also use the rope as a drying suit