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copper stranded wire The production process
Aug 30, 2017

In the copper wire, copper stranded wire some special fine lines are double-patterned or multi-stranded lines together to form a single line. Hard wires are easier to connect and twisted. Conductor wrapped if a layer of insulation, known as the insulator, to prevent the wire or between the wire and the conduction between the environment. This will control the current flow on the wire Most of the cables used on the insulator is a thermoplastic, copper stranded wire it is a case of hot and cold heat hardened plastic.

Some cables are insulated from the center conductor, so that the outer part of the cable is insulated from the outside so that the finished cable is protected by pressure and heat. Improve the roundness of the cable so that it has a symmetrical shape, but also improve the cable core and environmental insulation of the insulation. Core protection is also designed for flame retardant and resistance type. copper stranded wire So the choice of cable in the integrated wiring is very important, copper wire is one of its choice.

When the copper wire through the twisting machine on the twist, by the hatch through the circular motion, making the single copper wire spiral wound together; copper stranded wire twisted copper wire for the single largest amount of copper, different specifications The number of copper wire in a certain order of arrangement and stranded together after the twisted into a larger diameter conductor, the stranded conductor than the same diameter of the single copper wire is much more soft, made Wire bending performance is also good. copper stranded wire Single line along the direction of the twisted pair at a fixed distance every time there is a fixed distance between the twisted strand is the pitch (referred to as laying distance). Another definition of the laying distance is: refers to the twisted body along the axis of rotation after each rotation of 360 degrees before the vertical distance. Conductor twisted

The so-called twisted, that is, copper stranded wire a number of the same diameter or different diameter of the single line, according to a certain direction and certain rules twisted together to become a whole twisted core. Stranded wire directly used as a wire, known as the twisted pair, such as ACSR, aluminum clad steel ACSR; stranded wire such as conductor used as insulated wire and cable, known as twisted Wire core, belonging to the main components of insulated wire and cable.

Under normal circumstances, copper stranded wire most of the copper stranded strands are used, this twisted way on the cutting process and not much impact, but the system out of the product in the process of the effect is not the best. Such as copper wire into the copper grounding terminal hole, if this time the use of stranded copper stranded copper wire, it is prone to loose or expansion of copper wire can not be properly inserted into the hole, so this method needs to improve the twist.

So later there will be twisted twist, copper stranded wire twisted in this way made of the product does not appear like the above trouble, even if the cut will not spread or variants, so greatly improve the use of copper wire, Broken wire sets into copper terminals. And its style is better than the strands of strands, so it is widely used.