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copper stranded wire Widely used
Aug 30, 2017

Copper wire annealing method: the extensive use of copper wire in the process, copper stranded wire there have been a lot of annealing method is not very good, copper stranded wire the following I say, how to make copper stranded copper wire better:

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a copper wire production process, and more particularly to a method of annealing an copper wire. The present invention is achieved by the following technical scheme: an annealing treatment method for copper strand comprising the steps of: (1) placing copper strand into an annealing furnace, drawing the air in the furnace and forming a negative pressure (4) heating again; (5) open the door, naturally cool to room temperature. (2) under pressure to heat; (3) to stop heating and pressure relief cooling; The invention can not only effectively eliminate the stress of the copper wire, but also make the copper surface more bright and beautiful, but also help to remove the surface of the copper wire dirt, so that the long-term storage or use of copper is still less prone to oxidation.

Copper wire appearance: copper stranded how to look at the appearance of the appearance of some of the copper wire is relatively relatively bright, there is no obvious damage or scratches, copper stranded wire the same will not have obvious oxidation reaction caused by discoloration The External color is more uniform, no cracks, uniform and neat distance.

Meet the above criteria is a good copper wire selection. Second, look at copper wire specifications Model copper wire selection need to observe the line size and specifications, the general copper wire drawing in the required range, can not exceed the process standards, copper stranded wire or as invalid stranded. The single wire that makes up the strand must meet the uniform and neat characteristics and conform to the technical rules. The same time as

Again: look at the composition of copper stranded copper wire also need to observe the distribution of twisted strand and composition of the structure to see if there are short-term, missing line, loose stock, shares of the phenomenon, these are generally visible to the naked eye , copper stranded wire We need to carefully observe the quality of copper wire, can not choose unqualified products used to produce wires and cables, will cause serious security incidents. Finally: see copper wire soldering process copper wire of the purchase also pay attention to whether the welding process is reliable, the welding part of the interface is neat, there is no uneven lines of the phenomenon. Welding interface should be repaired neatly, repair flat, rubbing round, can not handle, copper stranded wire the diameter of the welding head generally can not exceed 0.2 mm; adjacent two copper wire welding should maintain a certain distance, the interval should be uniform.

Strand, as the name implies, the whole structure is twisted, and the raw material is the wire, of course, this material according to the needs of different improvements. Usually we have improved the way to improve the galvanized galvanized layer, zinc-aluminum alloy cladding treatment, spraying epoxy resin, etc., these methods can effectively increase the material properties of steel strand, greatly expand the strand Application scope. We can see that the strand can not only be used as a cable, cable and strengthen the core, etc., copper stranded wire in the construction of transmission lines, in the construction of both sides of the road to block the cable, the need for structural structure of the cable Processing time, everywhere will see the figure of the strand. Almost we understand all the bridges, water conservancy, construction, energy, geotechnical engineering and so on, all the time without the need for the existence of strand. As the application of a wide range of steel wire, and various areas of the characteristics of various characteristics of steel wire are different, so the development of the strand in the process, copper stranded wire gradually separated from the various characteristics of the different characteristics of the Stranded products to meet the unique needs of different industries and fields. At present, the most common kinds of strand products are prestressed steel strand, copper stranded wire unbonded steel strand and galvanized steel strand, copper stranded wire etc., of which the most common is the prestressed steel strand and galvanized steel strand.