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Enameled copper wire Do save processing
Aug 30, 2017

Copper wire is the surface of the copper material appears on the surface of bamboo or copper surface with a cautious pitch twist, feel the copper surface is not lubricated, Enameled copper wire uneven phenomenon commonly known as small bending; Causing the phenomenon of line knot commonly known as large bending; two phenomena collectively referred to as bending.

Causes and avoidance measures:

1, tension is unstable, large fluctuations: reported equipment maintenance department, Enameled copper wire adjust the tension spring, adjust the tension with weight.

2, the mold and the line is not the same axis level blind Ju, resulting in wire alignment is not straight: adjust the position of the mold.

3, mold sizing area is too short or with too loose: adjust the mold.

4, drawing machine vibration: reported equipment maintenance department.

5, guide wheel slot, string or not flexible: ground check, regular replacement.

6, fixed speed wheel pressure line head: stop adjustment.

Leading to copper black, oxidation is a variety of reasons:

(1) Brushed emulsified oil pool area is small, the return pipe is short, Enameled copper wire and sealed, resulting in slow heat dissipation, Enameled copper wire resulting in high temperature oil emulsion.

(2) is caused by copper wire annealing. First, even the reclaimed cooling water is generally used tap water, groundwater, because the water quality is not the same, in some areas the lower the pH value of water, only 5.5 to 5.0 (normally 7.0 ~ 7.5), the original emulsion Anti-oxidation oil film are washed off, Enameled copper wire the copper after the oxidation of easy oxidation, black; Second, Enameled copper wire in the ordinary drawing machine pull the finished copper wire in another annealing line annealing, cooling water is not the use of antioxidants, antioxidant time Short, and soon there will be oxidative black phenomenon;

(3) is a number of old plants also follow the annealing cylinder to anneal, the following reasons will cause oxidation, black: First, the annealing cylinder nut did not tighten, washed carbon dioxide or high purity nitrogen after the leak; Of the copper wire temperature is too high, Enameled copper wire more than 30 ℃; Third, the drawing emulsion maintenance is not enough, PH value is too low; these conditions are relatively common summer temperatures are high, the emulsion will continue to use the loss of high temperature loss Faster, if not timely to add new crude oil, this time with little fat, coupled with high temperatures, the temperature of the emulsion may also exceed 45 ℃, it is easy to cause the oxidation of the black.

(4) Another situation is that, due to the current widespread use of high-speed drawing, the speed increased, the relative cooling time is reduced, Enameled copper wire to bring a certain amount of space and time of oxidation, it is recommended that manufacturers pay more attention to the fat content of the emulsion Situation, the use of temperature, PH value is appropriate, spring erythrocyte rain season bacterial propagation faster, you can use sterilization fungicides, summer antioxidants can be used to solve the oxidation, Enameled copper wire black problem is not a problem.

To prevent the copper wire black in the usual need to do a good job of preserving the copper, while not in use when the regular inspection and found that black immediately deal with.