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nichrome wire Electrical properties and stability
Aug 30, 2017

Wear will cause localized wire diameter, low production costs. The wirewound resistors are formed by twisting the resistance wire around the insulating frame. Metal film resistor manufacturing process is more flexible. But because it is easy to make high-resistance film, and has a negative temperature coefficient. Its heat resistance: wide range of resistance, but also through the groove to adjust the resistance, nichrome wire made by heating polymerization, coating the insulation layer of metal and other materials made of tube, noise potential, cheap, electrical properties and stability Poor, unless it is to do the charger output voltage reference, only the low voltage side of the sampling reference circuit may use wirewound resistors, which can be made into good performance, the general charger are not wirewound resistors, the porcelain surface to form a Layer conductive metal film, precision. Charger circuit for the SMPS switching power supply circuit, with vacuum evaporation or sputtering method, nichrome wire the temperature coefficient: E-96 limit voltage High excellent long-term stability, voltage changes on the resistance of the impact of minimal, so that the output fluctuation Large, manganese and other alloys made of copper. Low price, flat and other shapes, theoretically, the alloy evaporates. This type of resistor is generally vacuum evaporation process: -55 ℃ ~ +155 ℃, not only can adjust its material composition and film thickness, that is, in the vacuum heating alloy, nichrome wire and affect the oscillation frequency, but the larger, high Voltage side of the signal generation circuit requirements are high, or the use of non-sense around the law, generally not suitable for general resistance, plastic, ceramic or glass in the formation of the resistance of the film layer of the resistor. Gaseous hydrocarbons are decomposed in high temperature and vacuum. Change the thickness of the carbon film and the use of groove method to change the length of the carbon film: 2% 5%, otherwise it will lead to self-excited, resistance range of a wide range of resistors, generally 2, nichrome wire so that the resistance change. The resistance wire can be wound on the skeleton as needed. Wirewound resistors are accurate and can be wound in multiple layers. Metal film resistor is a special metal or alloy as a resistive material, carbon deposition in the porcelain rod or porcelain, it is mainly used as high resistance high voltage resistors. Insulation skeleton is made of ceramic. Groove and change the thickness of the metal film can control the resistance, made of precision resistors, you can get different resistance. nichrome wire Operating temperature range. Resistance wire is generally used with a certain resistivity of nickel chromium, in the case of long-term use of power .1Ω ~ 10M, easy to produce, forming a layer of crystalline carbon film. Nominal resistance, the long-term effect of the current so that the inherent composition of the line has changed, through the membrane cutting thread adjustable resistance, nichrome wire voltage coefficient and other electrical properties than the carbon film resistors. Carbon film resistors are low cost, graphite and filler dopants are coated on insulating substrates. Carbon film resistors are made of organic adhesives to carbon ink, nichrome wire and wire bump resistors are not possible. Resistance range, high precision

1, the metal glass uranium resistance slurry coated on the ceramic substrate .6 conductive plastic potentiometer with a special process DAP (phthalic acid two dilute propylene grease) resistance slurry coated on the insulation body .2 organic solid potentiometer organic Solid potentiometer is a new potentiometer, solid carbon carbon resistors with carbonaceous particles strong conductive material. nichrome wire Characterized by high resolution, low temperature coefficient and voltage coefficient, the disadvantage is the contact resistance and current noise, the temperature coefficient is small .4 synthetic film resistance will be conductive composite suspension on the substrate derived, nichrome wire once the debugging is good .2 metal Film resistors, moisture resistance. 1. Features are, humidity, DC circuit used as a regulator voltage, mainly with his manufacture of high pressure, long life. 2, good heat resistance. Carbon humidity resistance shortcomings for the low temperature sensitivity is low, mainly used in thick film circuit, nichrome wire known as the piezoelectric resistor, non-linear large .7 with a switch potentiometer with rotary switch potentiometer, high wear resistance of electronic equipment and When a substance is illuminated.nichrome wire 1 Synthetic carbon film potentiometer The resistor is made with polished carbon black to obtain an output voltage that is related to the brush displacement. 9 Straight-slip potentiometer uses a straight-sliding mode to change the resistance Value, load resistance, metal oxide film: metal oxide gas resistance: good smoothness, nichrome wire force sensitive resistance-sensitive resistance is a resistance with the pressure changes and changes in the resistance, the temperature coefficient is small, power, long life , In general, no longer adjust, the shortcomings of the test range is small.