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nichrome wire The maintenance method
Aug 30, 2017

Now, with the popularity of electricity, we use the electrical equipment around a lot, nichrome wire small to our home commonly used household appliances, large factories to the machinery of production equipment, all belong to the scope of electrical appliances, although now we are around the electrical category The more the more the quality of electrical appliances have become more good, but in our use of electrical appliances, or inseparable from the use of nickel-chromium alloy wire, nickel-chromium alloy wire for the electrical appliances brought the most direct power transmission

When nickel-chromium alloy wire is stored, nichrome wire it is forbidden to contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil. To be separated from these corrosive substances, nickel-chromium alloy wire storage and transport aspects of the Notes. Storage of nickel-chromium alloy wire in the Treasury shall not damage the insulation and corrosion of metal harmful gases exist, as far as possible in the open field to avoid the way to store nickel-chromium alloy wire, nickel-chromium alloy wire plate is not allowed to flat, nickel-chromium alloy wire in custody Period, should be rolling regularly. Scrolling, will be stored down the disk side up, so as not to decay the bottom of the damp. Storage should always pay attention to nickel-chromium alloy wire head is intact, the shelf life to the product factory limited to the general should not be more than a year and a half, the longest no more than two years, nichrome wire the transport is strictly prohibited from the height dropped nickel-chromium alloy wire Or with a nickel-chrome alloy wire, especially at lower temperatures, throwing nickel-chromium alloy wire will likely lead to insulation, sheath cracking. When lifting the package, it is forbidden to lift at the same time. In vehicles, ships and other means of transport,nichrome wire should be used to fix the appropriate way to prevent collision or overturned to prevent mechanical damage to the product.

In fact, whether it is or other wire materials, in our use of these are the most basic operational attention, and now we are around the wire material is more and more, nichrome wire thermocouple with compensation wire alloy wire is our in the industry The use of a lot of cable materials, the transport of such materials Note and other metal wire, if we do not pay attention to good preservation, then the use of our wire and the use of electrical appliances will have a great impact, so I hope you can Master the above note points.

Alloy wire and manganese copper wire, Cornstone and other widely used in daily life, its use in a variety of electronic products, mechanical watch is one of the nickel-chromium alloy wire composed of electronic products, we use these electronic products At the same time, nichrome wire have not thought about how to maintain this electronic products do it

Mechanical watch several simple maintenance methods are divided into the following steps: The first step: steel case is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case is copper, long-term contact with sweat, easy to corrosion , nichrome wire And we wear a mechanical watch, the hands of the sweat on the case of corrosive, it should often use a soft cloth to wipe the sweat or pad on the plastic table care, so as to prevent it from being sweat erosion. The second step: In order to prevent dust into the movement affect the normal work of the watch, do not easily open the table back cover. nichrome wire The third step: Do not put the watch in the closet with mothballs, so as to avoid deterioration of oil and so on.