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nichrome wire Very important position
Aug 30, 2017

In our daily production and life, the need to use a lot of alloy wire. These alloy wire in our production and life occupy a very important position. In the rapid development of science and technology now, there have been many new alloy wire. They can meet our production needs very well. Of course, nichrome wire we all know that the need for different needs of the alloy wire, said the commonly used alloy wire, nickel-chromium alloy wire is a kind. In order to better understand it, we talk about its characteristics today, right now.

Nickel-chromium alloy wire in the nickel-chromium wire is added a trace of alloying elements titanium, zirconium, aluminum and yttrium high-carbon nickel. nichrome wire chromium. Ferroalloy, usually solid solution annealed, nichrome wire has an oxidized or rusty surface. The most significant feature of nickel-chromium alloy wire is its antioxidant properties under extreme conditions such as cycling heating and cooling. This superior oxidation resistance is due to the excellent adhesion of the alumina layer with excellent thermal chilling resistance. In addition, due to the amount of chromium and high aluminum content, the alloy at high temperatures also have good anti-oxidation curing performance. Nickel-chromium alloy wire widely used, can be used for high temperature, chemical petrochemical technology, can also be used for power plant equipment.

We all know that the current level of production compared to the previous has been greatly improved, electronic products began to gradually appear in everyone's vision. Our daily life has been inseparable from these electronic products. As we all know, nichrome wire electronic products have the presence of resistance wire, nichrome wire its existence not only through the various parts of the AC, but also to ensure that we use electronic products when the security.

Compared with the ordinary thermal resistance, nickel-chromium alloy wire has the following advantages: ① small size, internal air gap, thermal inertia, nichrome wire the measurement of small hysteresis; ② good mechanical properties, vibration, nichrome wire impact; ③ can bend, easy to install ④ long service life The end face thermal resistance temperature sensing element is made of specially treated resistance wire material, which is close to the end of the thermometer. nichrome wire It can reflect the actual temperature of the measured end face more accurately and quickly than the general axial thermal resistance. nichrome wire It is suitable for measuring the bearing And the surface temperature of other parts.