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Thunderbolt Cable Brand release
Aug 17, 2018

With multiple extensions of type-c, Thunderbolt Cable accidentally heading into the spring, and more market demand moving closer to the standard, today we sorted out the release of Thunderbolt Cable brands:

Basic knowledge:Thunderbolt 3 by the Intel [-c development, use a USB connector, this is the first generation support USB, Thunderbolt, compared to 2 Intel's lightning 3 controller bandwidth doubles 40 Gbit/s (5 GB/s), the power consumption of the part, and at the same time, driven by two external 4 k display of 60 hz (or an external 4 k display in 120 Hertz, or 5 k display of 60 hz implementation - 2016 at the end of the use of apple MacBook pro) rather than a single display controller can drive before,New controller supports PCIe 3.0 and other agreements, including DisplayPort 1.2 (support 4 k resolution of 60 hz), Thunderbolt 3 for copper wire of the power supply ability is limited, no power supply capacity to optical fiber cable, using USB - C on copper wire, it can be combined with USB power transmission, allow the port to receive or receive up to 100 watts of electricity, so there is no need to provide separate from some equipment in the power, through the use of transition adapter or cable, Thunderbolt 3 allows two versions before backwards compatibility.


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