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tinsel wire High speed drawing
Aug 30, 2017

Wire is a metal wire rod, tinsel wire plate or metal bar as raw material, through the wire drawing equipment, annealing equipment and other professional equipment. After a number of drawing - annealing - and then pull - re - annealing process, processed into various types of different specifications and models of silk (line) products, this product is called wire.

The stress state of the wire drawing is the three-way principal stress state of the two-way compressive stress, which is easier to reach the plastic deformation state than the three-way compressive stress. tinsel wire The deformation state of the drawing is a three-way main deformation state in which the two-way compression deformation is always torsional deformation, which is disadvantageous to the plasticity of the metal material, and it is easier to produce and expose the surface defects. The deformation of the wire drawing process is limited by the safety factor. The deformation of the wire is small, and the number of passes is much higher. Therefore, tinsel wire the multi-pass continuous high-speed drawing is often used in the production of the wire.

Sometimes encountered a harder branches, wrapped around a wire, found its strength is not yet effective to make the branches bent stereotypes, this time can be added a wire, next to the front of a wire for the same direction winding, Rely on the strength of two wires to achieve the purpose of adjusting the form.

Encountered two branches out of the branches near the location, you can use a wire wound two branches. This does not only reduce the appearance of the wire end, look clean, tinsel wire beautiful, and stereotypes effect Ye Hao.

For some bark thin tree species, in order to prevent damage to the bark, the wire can be pre-rolled on the paper or cloth, and then use it wrapped processing.

Each winding around a branch, the extra metal wire to leave a small cut back to bend fixed.

Bending any branches, should be to prevent the break, bending to grasp the appropriate strength. The correct way is that both hands thumb in the curved branches of the inner capacity of the press, the other fingers in the lateral press bending. Curved curvature can not be too large, tinsel wire the action can not be too much, should be bent parts of the force evenly, take the bend should be a small fade, often need to go through several times to achieve the desired effect.

The same kind of wire, its thickness and strength is proportional to the selected wire to make the branches bent shape prevail, too thin can not meet the needs of stereotypes, too thick and elegant. Select the wire, you can try to try the hardness of the branches, and then try the hardness of the wire, tinsel wire so as to make the right choice, the length of the wire, generally should be more than 1.5 times the length of the branches. With some practical experience, just look at the length of the branches can know how long the wire used.

In the process of processing, and sometimes due to careless and there are branches of the situation, if the fracture is serious, it is only reluctantly cut off a cut, cut the shape and then adjust accordingly. If the break is not serious, you can immediately release the wire has been wound, so that the wound is reset, and then wrapped in the fabric at the break, or in the gap outside the pad of brown leather and other protective objects, rewound the wire, carefully adjust the shape.

After the tree bonsai stereotypes, tinsel wire should be promptly removed all the metal wire. If you do not remove the wire in time, as the trees grow up, the branches become thicker, the wire will fall into the bark, seriously hindering the growth of trees and affect the appearance. The method of removal can be carried out by hand or pointed nose pliers, in the order of the twist in the order of the first branch, the first branch of the branch,

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