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tinsel wire The higher the technical level
Aug 30, 2017

Metal fabric refers to the ordinary cotton, polyester or nylon fabric and metal wire fabric made of the combination of fabric, which cotton, polyester or nylon fabric accounted for more than 90% of the proportion of the proportion of small wire can be It is so little wire to make the whole fabric becomes different. Wire is the use of high-tech technology will be drawn from the metal, the higher the level of technology, tinsel wire the better the quality of the wire, the greater the proportion of wire, the higher the value of metal wire fabric.

Metal wire fabric is unique in the ordinary fabric which joined the wire, it is precisely because the wire to join, wire fabric has a distinctive feature.

1, the fabric has a metallic luster, tinsel wire and with the light source changes, metal luster will change, flashing metal light, gorgeous and dazzling.

2, the fabric has a morphological changes in the memory function, the shape is easier to shape, wear on the body more type, this feature is also due to the formation of metal bending variability.

3, the fabric can be radiation, very much in line with modern people on the health, the pursuit of environmental protection.

4, the fabric can eliminate static electricity, tinsel wire to avoid the ordinary fabric due to static caused by the embarrassing situation.

5, the fabric has a reflective effect, in the light is very bright light, coupled with the metal wire of its own light, it is Ambilight.

Metal wire fabric has its own unique, tinsel wire but also both the characteristics of ordinary fabrics, therefore, it is a wide range of applications. With its anti-radiation, the characteristics of static electricity, metal wire fabrics are mostly used in military, medical, scientific research and other industries, but also used to produce high-end clothing, to meet people's pursuit of health, by the people sought after. And because of its good plasticity, light flashing, wire fabric is also used to make more ordinary men and women fashion, windbreaker, tinsel wire down jacket, etc. These products mostly look elegant, luxurious, by people's favorite.

It is a quick and easy way to process tree bonsai with metal wire. The operator for the trunk, the thickness of the branches and hardness, choose different thickness of the wire wound on it, tinsel wire the use of wire plasticity, change the original shape of the object, shaping the ideal shape. This method is simpler than the brown silk cutting technique and is widely used in tree bonsai processing.

Trees used in the processing of bonsai trees, professional workers and more use of the production of bronze-plated appearance of the appearance, complete specifications, very applicable, tinsel wire the color is also very close to the bark. Amateur often according to their own situation, choose a variety of copper wire, wire or aluminum wire. Although the wire is cheap, but easy to rust, and bar in the tree for a long time, the hardness will become larger, more difficult to remove.

With the wire processing tree bonsai, tinsel wire must master a certain processing skills. The order of processing is the first trunk after the branches, the first branch after the twigs, but sometimes not necessarily a branch of a branch to complete, but the first major branches are wrapped around the wire, and then around the various branches of the angle, location, tinsel wire to determine the overall structure The After the big shape to determine, then the thickness of the appropriate metal wire wrapped around the twigs, dealing with the details. The process of combining pruning, remove some unwanted branches.