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Copper Stranded Wire Conductivity
Aug 30, 2017

In the case of DC and low frequency electrical transmission, the ladle strand is completely replace the pure copper wire without requiring a high conductivity, and the conductivity of the copper clad steel wire can be used when conducting high frequency current And the same diameter of the pure steel wire comparable. This is mainly due to the fact that the skin's skin effect is enhanced with increasing frequency: the reflection effect of the electromagnetic wave on the copper-steel interface redistributes the electromagnetic field within the conductor. Because although the conductivity of steel than copper is small, but the former is much larger than the latter's permeability. Because of this, the electromagnetic wave in the copper-steel interface on the reflection effect can not be ignored, this reflection effect makes the electromagnetic distribution within the wire is different from the solid conductor, copper stranded wire so the electromagnetic field distribution determined by the conductive performance is better than the solid copper wire is possible of. When the frequency is greater than a certain threshold, copper stranded wire the composite wire resistance value is less than the same diameter of the copper wire resistance value.

In order to prevent the copper package strand lightning generated over-voltage, power supply continues to push a larger current into the short-circuit point, copper stranded wire the formation of high fever and fire. This accident can usually be avoided by a hot-melt connection in series with a varistor.

The hot-melt contacts should be thermally coupled to the resistive body and will not be disconnected when the maximum impact current flows, but is disconnected when the temperature exceeds the upper limit operating temperature of the resistor. The results show that if the varistor has manufacturing defects, prone to early failure, the intensity of the electric impact of multiple effects, will accelerate the aging process, copper stranded wire so that premature aging failure.

Copper-clad Chongqing strand and selenium-like photovoltaic cells, avalanche diodes deal with the ability to surge is very limited. The insulation level of all kinds of equipment should be able to meet the voltage requirements of the equipment on the equipment, equipment orders and factory tests should be strict checks, when the surge is large, in accordance with the requirements of the equipment to ensure that the equipment insulation pressure level.

The lightning protection performance of the building itself directly affects the internal lightning protection of electrical equipment, so we must first pay attention to the building body of the mine. copper stranded wire To prevent lightning breakdown. The lightning protection device of the building itself is the first barrier of the electrical equipment and system lightning protection in the building, and only the varistor is really working.

1) Measuring transformer should be double-winding isolation transformer, and the address is generally more than 1kVA to ensure that the side is safe.To eliminate the grid may give the site to send the ring, so that the results are more realistic.

(2) the current pole of the dispersion resistance should not be too large, a Yin with a diameter of 40 ^ -50 mm. Length of 2.5m or so steel pipe; if the side of the body flow of electricity is very low current is the application of the current pole The

(3) In order to reduce the measurement and error, copper stranded wire test the use of a voltmeter should have a high voltage meter. The voltage can be used with a diameter of about 25m ring steel or Li tube.

(4) the location of the poles to avoid the overhead lines and underground metal bamboo road direction should be clams in their direction perpendicular to the 'should be avoided immediately after the rain side of the ground resistance; measured when the current pole in the field There will be a larger step voltage, so in its 30-50 m range of HI within the WV to enter.

(5) electric gripping people should be added to the insurance, the use of a variety of instruments, copper stranded wire instrument operation should be pad rubber insulation. Instrument readings do not take the load to open the regulator knife switch A positive voltage steepness, damage to the instrument.

Due to the diffusion and infiltration of the copper clad strand, the soil resistivity around the grounding body is reduced and the contact resistance is gradually increased. Electrolysis of the ground pole of the mechanism and the existence of the problem, copper stranded wire combined with the actual grounding project on how to choose to reduce the resistance material, but the reduction of the stability and long-term stability and diffusion and penetration is contradictory. Diffusion and penetration of a good resistance to its stability and long-term stability are relatively poor, because the diffusion and permeability of the strong resistance reduction agent easily lost with the loss of rain. The contact resistance is also related to the surface condition of the electrode, the smoother the surface of the ground electrode, the smaller the contact resistance, the rougher the ground electrode surface, the greater the contact resistance. After the ground is rusted, some resistance reduction agents will make the contact resistance larger due to corrosion