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Copper Stranded Wire Play A Supporting Role
Aug 30, 2017

1, copper play the role of weak signal transmission, wire is to play a supporting role. According to copper wrapped in different ways to wire, copper stranded wire mainly divided into electroplating, coating, hot casting / dip and electroforming. The product has both steel strength and toughness, but also good copper conductivity and corrosion resistance. Compared with the copper single line with a small density, copper stranded wire high strength, low cost advantages, is the traditional single-line replacement of pure copper products.

2, the use of copper wire can reduce the operating temperature, compared with the same cross-sectional area of the single strand, stranded wire has a higher mechanical flexibility. Widely used in the high "Q" value of the line.

3, copper wire with high-quality copper wire tinned tin made of tin. Processing process through the toughness of processing, is finished soft, neat appearance, beautiful.

4, hard copper wire and soft copper wire Advantages:

(1) hard copper stranded: strong tensile strength, resistance, small conductivity good

(2) soft copper wire: usually thinner than the hard copper wire, copper stranded wire the conductivity is particularly high, but also toughness.

5, insulated copper wire Advantages: a higher resistance to tension.

What are the advantages of copper stranding process?

1, the unique manufacturing process: the use of cold-rolled hot-rolled production process, copper stranded wire to achieve a high degree of integration of copper and steel.

2, excellent anti-corrosion properties: the surface of copper thicker (average thickness greater than 0.3mm), corrosion resistance, long service life of more than 30 years.

3, better conductivity: As the surface of copper material with excellent electrical conductivity, copper stranded wire so that its own resistance is much lower than conventional materials.

4, the use of a wide range: the product is suitable for different humidity, copper stranded wire temperature and PH value of the soil conditions.

5, the use of safe and efficient: complete accessories, the use of special connection pipe or the use of the company's hot melt welding connection, a solid connector, copper stranded wire easy installation, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

6, the construction cost reduction: compared with the traditional use of pure copper grounding, the cost of large decline.