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Copper Stranded Wire The Resistance Is Much Smaller
Aug 30, 2017

Unwinding of the parallel harness in the bending, copper stranded wire the outer side of the wiring harness by the single stretch, the inner single-line compression, the two resistance to bending, bending, straightening process, the single line are subject to a bending deformation. copper stranded wire And the strand is bent, because each single line is spirally wound around the strand around the strand, each single line at the same time by the tensile and compression, by the compression part of the stretch to move, copper stranded wire just to overcome the single-line movement Friction, this friction than the parallel harness in the single-line bending resistance is much less.

The same specifications of the twisted wire, the smaller the pitch, stranded when the single-line moving distance is shorter, the smaller the friction, the more flexible stranded; the same cross-sectional area of the stranded, the more the number of single wire, the more flexible strand. copper stranded wire GB / T3956 provides the same cross-section of the first, second, fifth, sixth single-wire root number increases, the flexibility is also increasing in turn.

When the wires of a single wire are made of wire and cable, the reliability of the single wire is reduced by the defects caused by the manufacturing process and the material inhomogeneity. With a number of single-stranded stranded core, defects can be dispersed, the reliability of the wire significantly improved. This is particularly true for single-wire connectors.

The single strand of the same cross section increases the strength compared to the single wire. The same material, the finer the wire diameter, the higher the tensile strength, therefore, by a number of thin twisted stranded stranded from the integrated pull-off force is greater than the same cross-section of a single wire pulling force.

When the strand is bent, copper stranded wire the position of each single line is rotated at the upper and lower compression zones of the upper part of the strand. The single wire does not produce elongation and compression, and the single line position does not change. When the parallel harness is bent, copper stranded wire he upper single wire is stretched and embedded in the harness, and the lower single wire is compressed by the compression to the center of the harness, thereby changing the shape of the wire harness.

The current cable accessories products, basically not equipped with the corresponding terminal or connecting tube, need to user self-procurement, this will bring some problems, if the user's own purchase of the terminal or connecting pipe failed, resulting in cable accessories problems, Difficult to define.