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Enameled Copper Wire Very Important Meaning
Aug 30, 2017

In the process of drawing wire drawing, drawing lubricating oil is a very important auxiliary material, the use of excellent lubricating performance of the drawing oil, not only can increase the degree of metal deformation, Enameled copper wire reduce the breakage rate, reduce energy consumption and processing number, but also Can extend the service life of molds, therefore, actively use the new copper wire drawing lubricants, the correct use and maintenance of copper wire drawing lubricants, to further improve the quality of drawing, improve product competitiveness has a very important significance.

With the development of wire and cable industry, Enameled copper wire some international professional drawing manufacturers to push the oil products to the Chinese market, we also take this opportunity to import in the drawing of an enamel machine on the trial of several new (imported) brushed oil, Such as Germany Germany Runbao company (PETROFERCHEMIE) copper wire drawing oil C301KT. Copper wire drawing oil C301KT is a mineral oil type water-soluble coolant, mainly used for drawing an enameled machine drawing process. As the whole drawing, painting process running at low speed, after drawing and then paint, and thus the performance of the emulsion have special requirements, after the trial made an ideal effect

The new type of lubricating oil is a mineral oil emulsion, the normal drawing of the oil emulsion should be a white emulsion, after a period of time, due to containing copper ions and slightly light blue, the color should not be dark or Other colors, other oil (such as mechanical oil, Enameled copper wire hydraulic oil, etc.) shall not be mixed among them, or prone to oil and water separation phenomenon, and pollution and deterioration of the emulsion will have the smell of corruption. So must be the correct use of brushed oil, Enameled copper wire to keep the brushed oil circulation system cleaning to play the excellent lubricating oil lubrication performance.

After the first with a good oil, Enameled copper wire the brushed oil circulation system according to Table 2 to monitor. According to the requirements of the new copper wire drawing lubrication, must be the preparation of the newly drawn brushed oil for the necessary maintenance. In the management and maintenance, the concentration, anti-corruption and purification of the monitoring and management is the most important.

Drawing the use of lubricating oil concentration should be in accordance with the manufacturer recommended concentration and their actual production conditions for deployment. The concentration is too low, then the lubrication, anti-oxidation performance, and easy to produce corruption; Enameled copper wire the other hand, the concentration is too high, easy to blister, Enameled copper wire cleaning effect is poor, and increase costs.

The following precautions are taken for the use of brushed lubricants:

①, on the brushed oil circulation pool unified management, accurate grasp of the total volume and monthly consumption.

②, arrange a strong sense of responsibility of the full-time staff, regular determination of concentration, pH, timely addition of new drawing lubricating crude oil or diluted water, adjusted to the specified concentration.