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Global Cable Resources: Summary Of Cable Issues
Nov 18, 2017

Q: what are the wire cable models

Answer: 1, SYV

Solid polyethylene insulated rf coaxial cable


Physical foaming polyethylene insulated cable TV system cable, video (rf) coaxial cable (SYV, SYWV, SYFV) for closed-circuit monitoring and cable TV engineering.SYWV (Y), SYKV cable TV, broadband network special cable

Structure: (coaxial cable) single, oxygen-free round copper wire

Physical: foamed polyethylene (insulated) (tin wire aluminum) polyvinyl chloride (polyethylene)

3. The signal control cable (RVV sheath line and RVVP shield line) is applicable to buildings, anti-theft alarm, fire fighting and automatic meter reading.RVVP


Copper core polyvinyl chloride insulated PVC sheathed soft cable

Voltage 300 v / 300 v

2-24 core: application: instrument, instrument, intercom, monitoring and control installation

4. RG physical foamed polyethylene insulated access cable

It is used to transmit data analog signal in the coaxial fiber mixed network (HFC)

5. KVVVP PVC sheathed shielding cable

Application: signal transmission, control and measurement of electrical appliances, instruments and power distribution devices

6. RVV (227iec 552/53) PVC insulated soft cable

USES: household appliances, small power tools, instruments and power lighting

7. AVVR PVC sheathed installation with soft cable

8. SBVVHYA data communication cable (indoor and external) for telephone communication and radio equipment connection and telephone wiring network

Wire box wiring

9. RV and RVP PVC insulated cables

10. RVS and RVB are suitable for household appliances, small power tools, instruments, meters and power lighting connections

Q: what is the difference between double stranded cable, optical cable and coaxial cable?

Answer: twisted-pair cable: is composed of two mutual insulation wire wrapped around each other according to certain specifications (general with clockwise coil) together and made a general layout, belongs to the information communication network transmission medium, can reduce the degree of interference, a wire radiation waves will be in the process of transmission wave phase offset from another line.Generally used for communication and network engineering for transmission of communication and network signals.Double stranded cable (less than one) means "how many pairs of double stranded wires".The RS485 communication ii bus is a double-stranded cable, not a cable.

Fiber optic fiber, optical fiber, is a brief description of fiber optic fiber, and is a kind of optical transmission tool that USES the whole reflection principle of light in glass or plastic fiber.The microfiber is encapsulated in a plastic sheath that allows it to bend without breaking.Typically, the transmitter at one end of the fiber USES a light-emitting diode or a laser beam to transmit light pulses to the optical fiber, and the receiving device at the other end of the optical fiber USES a photosensitive component to detect pulses.The transmission loss of light fiber is much lower than the loss of electricity in the wire conduction, and the optical fiber is used for long-distance transmission of information.An outside line used for communication and networks for communication and network signals.

Coaxial cable commonly known as closed line, generally used for closed-circuit TV or monitoring video engineering, for transmitting "video signal".

Q: how do hydraulic wire tongs work?

A: 1 select the matching model according to the line diameter of the cable, and loosen the valve of the release pressure, usually on the right;

2. After stripping the insulation layer according to the cable length of copper (aluminum), the copper (aluminum) is taken over the core of the insulated layer.

3, to choose the right model of the hydraulic clamp pressure on copper (aluminum) to take over the set of no connection at one end of the nose, tighten the pressure switch, will die by outside pressure and then start pressure welding, pressure welding to look into two die pressure, and pressure.Continue pressing next to the pressure of the press, usually press 4~ 5, depending on the quality of your copper (aluminum) takeover.

4.After the pressure is finished, use pliers or flat file to remove the burrs that are produced by the pressure, clean and smooth, and do a good job of insulation.

Q: what does BRV mean in a cable?

Answer: b-flat or flat r-connected with soft cable structure;V- insulated polyvinyl chloride

Q: what is the difference between a PVC cable protection tube and a cable protection tube?

Answer: the difference between PVC cable protection pipe and cable protection pipeA.

1.The material is different, one is CPVC, the other is UPVC,

2.It is the appearance, the PVC cable protects the tube is generally, yellow, orange, and the cable protection tube is usually white.

3.It is used for different purposes. PVC cable protection tubes are generally used for drainage and pollution discharge, while cable protection is used for embedded communication.