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Nichrome Wire The Advantages Of Processing Use
Aug 30, 2017

Nickel-chromium alloy wire use temperature requirements

In the past few years, we have used a variety of alloy wire around the place more, because in many industrial production areas, the use of these alloy wire plays an important role, nichrome wire nickel-chromium alloy wire is used in many of our alloys Silk products, in the use of these products, not only need to pay attention to their application areas, but also the use of its temperature has a high demand, or too high temperature will cause the use of the phenomenon of fracture, affecting our production work, then Down we together to understand the nickel-chromium alloy wire on the use of temperature requirements it

The maximum temperature of the nickel-chromium alloy wire is the surface temperature of the element itself in the dry air, not the temperature of the furnace or the heated object. In general, the surface temperature is about 100 degrees higher than the furnace temperature. Therefore, nichrome wire The design of nickel-chromium alloy wire should pay attention to its use temperature, when the use of temperature exceeds a certain limit, the nickel-chromium alloy wire itself to accelerate the oxidation, heat resistance, especially iron-chromium-aluminum alloy components, easy to deformation, There is a break, and shorten the service life. Iron-chrome-aluminum, copper-nickel series of low-resistance alloys due to their different chemical composition, the use of temperature, nichrome wire oxidation resistance and resistivity of the different, thus determining the use of temperature and service life of the length, in the iron chrome aluminum alloy material Resistivity of the composition of the AL element, nickel-chromium electrothermal alloy material to determine the resistivity of the composition of Ni elements. At high temperatures, the oxide film formed on the surface of the alloy element is constantly aged and destroyed. Its elements continue to consume internal elements. Thereby shortening the service life, therefore, in the selection of wire diameter should use large-size wire or thicker flat belt.

In fact, many of the alloy wire in the use of the time when the temperature has a high demand, even the most commonly used around us with the cable wire temperature is also very high, the temperature will lead to high wire burning, give us a certain economic loss, Moreover, nichrome wire these nickel-chromium alloy wire, the temperature requirements are even higher, I hope everyone in the use of these nickel-chromium alloy wire, can pay attention to the temperature of these factors, the better use of these nickel-chromium alloy wire, play the largest of these alloy wire effect.

Nickel-chromium alloy wire according to its chemical element content and organizational structure of the different, can be divided into two categories: one is iron chrome aluminum alloy series, the other is nickel-chromium alloy wire, they are used as electric materials, respectively, nichrome wire Many advantages, and get widely used. High temperature in the high temperature environment, long-term high temperature operation is not easy to deformation, easy to change the structure, and nickel-chromium alloy wire at room temperature plasticity, deformation after the repair is relatively simple. In addition, nickel-chromium alloy wire with high emissivity, nichrome wire without magnetic, corrosion resistance, long service life. The operating temperature can not reach the level of the previous heating wire. Nickel-chromium alloy wire manufacturing needs to use nickel, the price of this metal is higher than the price of iron, chromium, aluminum, nickel-chromium alloy wire manufacturing costs are higher, is not conducive to cost control. Mainly high temperature strength is low, with the use of temperature increases its plasticity **, nichrome wire components easily deformed, difficult to bend and repair. High temperature strength than iron chrome aluminum, high temperature is not easy to use under the deformation, the structure is not easy to change, plasticity is better, nichrome wire easy to repair, its high emissivity, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, long service life.