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Nichrome Wire Very Wide
Aug 30, 2017

Resistor as a power material of the property, is the energy of the current consumption, the greater the resistance, then the greater the consumption generated, and is consumed in the form of heat. nichrome wire So as a conductive material, are generally required to resist the end of the better. However, for the resistance of the consumption of this feature, manufacturers are also used to the heating equipment. Electric wire as a commonly used class of components in the selection of materials is very wide, but most manufacturers are selected nickel-chromium alloy wire, followed by Xiaobian for everyone to explain this reason.

Nickel-chromium alloy resistivity, resistivity, the use of a certain diameter of the resistance wire wound with a certain resistance to the heating element, the required length of the resistance line is short, thus reducing the size of the heater. To ensure that the heating element is still working at high temperatures, nichrome wire the melting point of the wound heating element is high. Electric furnace wire relative to the copper wire resistance is much larger, power through their current equal, W = I2Rt, resistance, the heat generated, the electric wire will produce a lot of heat heat, and copper wire will not heat The

Conductive material for the resistance requirements are the smaller the better, that means the less heat generated, on the contrary, if you need to produce more heat, nichrome wire then you should choose a large resistance, the above is for this consideration , So take the nickel chrome wire for the production of electric wire.

Nickel-chromium alloy wire as its name, is a certain proportion of nickel and chromium, with a certain process of synthesis of a wire, this metal wire in life can often be seen, the advantages of nickel-chromium alloy heating wire is High temperature in the high temperature environment, long-term high temperature operation is not easy to deformation, easy to change the structure, and nickel-chromium alloy electric heating pipe at room temperature plastic good deformation after the repair is relatively simple. In addition, nichrome wire nickel-chromium alloy heating wire with high emissivity, without magnetic, corrosion resistance, long service life. The disadvantage of nickel-chromium alloy heating wire is that the operating temperature can not reach the level of the previous heating wire. Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire manufacturing need to use nickel electric film, nichrome wire electric film This metal price is higher than the price of iron, chromium, aluminum, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire manufacturing costs are higher, is not conducive to cost control. It can be seen that nickel-chrome wire plays a very important role in our lives, and this has many advantages, such as its heat resistance, and high resistance, because its high temperature performance is very good, so even in a few Thousands of high temperature baked, but also to maintain the original shape, nichrome wire showing its heat resistance is very strong.

We through the synthesis of a variety of metal materials to produce these alloy materials, so that it has two kinds of metal have the advantages, nichrome wire so that our use can be a great help to understand the advantages of nickel-chromium alloy wire, In fact, nickel-chromium alloy wire still has some shortcomings, but compared to other metal materials, its advantage is still very large, we hope that we can pay attention to the use of these alloy metal materials, play its best use effect.