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Nichrome Wire Wide Range
Aug 30, 2017

nichrome wire Electric wire is a common heating element, its role is in the power after the heat, nichrome wire the electrical energy into heat. The application of electric wire is very wide, nichrome wire a variety of commonly used electric heating equipment will use electric wire as a heating element, so the electric wire in the medical, chemical, electronics, electrical appliances, metallurgical machinery, ceramic glass processing industries have applications. In people's production and life plays an important role.

Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire advantages: high temperature environment in the high strength, long-term high temperature operation is not easy to deformation, nichrome wire easy to change the structure, and nickel-chromium alloy heating wire at room temperature plasticity, deformation after the repair is relatively simple. In addition, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire with high emissivity, without magnetic, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire shortcomings: the operating temperature can not reach the level of a heating wire. Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire manufacturing needs to use nickel, the price of this metal is higher than the price of iron, chromium, aluminum, nichrome wire nickel-chromium alloy electric wire manufacturing costs are higher, is not conducive to cost control

Ceramic heating lamp is a high temperature long life of the heater, the modern industrial increasingly high temperature requirements, ceramic heating lamps can adapt. nichrome wire Ceramic joint heating lamp by the spiral resistance wire through the specially designed high temperature ceramic tiles, precision extension of the composition, can be bent, beautiful metal casing ceramic fiber insulation layer. The formation of an effective high temperature, high power density, belt heater, and the design is flexible and easy to install.

Ceramic heating lamp to reduce the heat inside the device retention and carbonization, life of up to 10,000 hours, is more than 2 times the same product, waterproof design and high humidity environment. Products with electric wire buried cast: no oxidation, impact resistance, nichrome wire safety and health, do not fade glaze and other characteristics. Depending on the size of the wattage, the thermal performance is also different, the higher the wattage, the higher the temperature.

Ceramic heating lamp, reptile heating lamp, far infrared ceramic heating lamp for infrared heating is a heat radiation source, can penetrate animal muscle, nichrome wire dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, but will not light, does not affect the pet sleep, suitable for tropical and desert Reptile all day heating.

Nickel-chrome wire alloys are commonly used to slide the varistors into a protective circuit and to change the current in the circuit by changing the resistance of the access circuit section, nichrome wire thereby changing the voltage across the conductor (electrical)