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The USB C TO Lightning Data Line Will Open MFI Certification, And The Apple MFI Summit Will Be Staged In Shenzhen Again
Oct 30, 2017

   The USB C TO lightning data line will open MFI certification, and the apple MFI summit will be staged in shenzhen again

   Foreign media reports TechCrunch, accessories production partners message from apple, apple plans this year in shenzhen and its November 7 and 9, Made for iPod/iPhone/iPod (MFI) partners held a meeting of the project, it is reported in this meeting, apple will focus on MFI partners strict rules from the connector sales (past 20 connector shortage problem will be solved to give), is the iPhone launch the tenth anniversary this year, and the conference particularly noteworthy, the meeting will focus on the Iphone8 IphoneX and related accessories, wireless charging, MFI strategy, AirPaly, Homekit, Carplay etc. Apple wants to promote new technologies, new applications.


    Due TO the current sales IPHONE8 propaganda on the support of fast charging, "30 minutes can charge up TO 50% power", but in practice TO achieve quick charge, you need TO buy Apple a1540 29 (w), Apple a1718 (61 w), Apple a11719 (87 w), the Type - C TO need TO purchase additional official from the wires, and still is your STYLE, original price is 188 RMB, because Apple has been develop the wire no certification, the industry is high, the summit, is expected TO open TO MFI member enterprise, the market will be a large number of third party certification of Apple this wire, consumers will benefit, manufacturers can also get this part of the profits. "are for reference only"

   iPhone8/ iPhone X support Qi standard wireless charging technology, that is to say, as long as it is support Qi standard wireless charger can recharge the iPhone and iPhone X 8, but disappointingly, 8 / iPhone iPhone X support wireless charging power only 7.5 W, and the latest Qi 1.2 standard support higher charging power.What is this concept?7.5 W power than apple's ancestral original 5 W high power adapter for a little bit, by contrast, the pace of the old rival samsung in wireless charging will have bigger, not only supports the 15 W power, compatible with 2.0, QC and compared with apple's wireless charger, samsung sold much cheaper, but it should achieve the iPhone support wireless charging power of 7.5 W, also need to apple authorized wireless charging module, the summit is expected to open to MFI manufacturers, will inject new vitality to the wireless charging products. "are for reference only"

  Apple mentioned that the focus of this year's summit is still HomeKit, iBeacons, purchase and AirPlay, believe that the new iPhone after sale and the drive of the summit, there will be more peripherals manufacturers support apple products, new technology will bring new vitality to the industry "are for reference only".