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Tinsel Wire Auxiliary Measures
Aug 30, 2017

Copper core PVC insulated, PVC sheathed, tinsel wire copper wire braided towline cable. Copper mesh weaving shield, can effectively prevent the impact of external interference signal. This product has a strong resistance to oil, bending resistance, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, wear and other properties, suitable for mobile, more oil in the harsh environment. Widely used in control cable and signal transmission, in the bending of the required control unit, designed for continuous bending, free movement and forced movement of the towline system, while maintaining the soft cable movement of the occasion requirements.

① According to the thickness of the trunk selection of moderate thickness of the wire, the length of the wire is generally about half the height of the trunk is appropriate, tinsel wire the thickness of the trunk thickness of about 1/3 or so.

② for the bark easy to hurt the tree species before the first bayonet or nylon tied with the trunk wrapped around the trunk to prevent the wire rod injury bark.

③ wire fixed, the trunk of the wire on the fixed, is to cut a good wire into the end of the main line near the main ornamental surface of the soil, has been inserted into the pelvic floor. Another fixation is to wrap the end of the wire at the junction of the root and the coarse.

④ winding direction, angle and tightness, tinsel wire such as the rotation of the branches to the right for the bend, the wire should be wrapped in a clockwise direction, on the contrary, tinsel wire the counterclockwise winding. Wire and branches into 45 degrees, winding the wire to close the bark slowly winding.

⑤ for bending when the hands should be with the thumb, index finger and middle finger with, slowly twist until the required curvature so far.

⑥ coarse dry modeling auxiliary measures, tinsel wire the thicker branches can be used to remove some special techniques, one can not reach the curvature, can be repeated times, can also be used double strand winding method, cut dry method. Banzha time: coniferous trees in September to the next spring before germination, deciduous tree dormant period. Panza after 2-4 days to pour enough water to avoid direct sunlight, tinsel wire the leaves should always water, wound within two weeks without hair, to facilitate healing.

It is a quick and easy way to process tree bonsai with metal wire. The operator for the trunk, the thickness of the branches and hardness, choose different thickness of the wire wound on it, tinsel wire the use of wire plasticity, change the original shape of the object, shaping the ideal shape. tinsel wire This method is simpler than the brown silk cutting technique and is widely used in tree bonsai processing. Trees used in the processing of bonsai trees, professional workers and more use of the production of bronze-plated appearance of the appearance, complete specifications, very applicable, the color is also very close to the bark. Amateur often according to their own situation, tinsel wire choose a variety of copper wire, wire or aluminum wire. tinsel wire I think copper wire is better, followed by aluminum wire. Although the wire is cheap, but easy to rust, and bar in the tree for a long time, the hardness will become larger, more difficult to remove.