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Tinsel Wire Of The Plasticity
Aug 30, 2017

It is a quick and easy way to process tree bonsai with metal wire. tinsel wire The operator for the trunk, the thickness of the branches and hardness, choose different thickness of the wire wound on it, the use of wire plasticity, change the original shape of the object, shaping the ideal shape. This method is simpler than the brown silk cutting technique and is widely used in tree bonsai processing.

Trees used in the processing of bonsai trees, tinsel wire professional workers and more use of the production of bronze-plated appearance of the appearance, complete specifications, very applicable, the color is also very close to the bark. Amateur often according to their own situation, choose a variety of copper wire, wire or aluminum wire. I think copper wire is better, followed by aluminum wire. tinsel wire Although the wire is cheap, but easy to rust, and bar in the tree for a long time, the hardness will become larger, more difficult to remove.

With the wire processing tree bonsai, must master a certain processing skills. The order of processing is the first trunk after the branches, the first branch after the twigs, but sometimes not necessarily a branch of a branch to complete, but the first major branches are wrapped around the wire, and then around the various branches of the angle, location, to determine the overall structure The After the big shape to determine, then the thickness of the appropriate metal wire wrapped around the twigs, dealing with the details. tinsel wire The process of combining pruning, remove some unwanted branches.

① winding the trunk, the end of the wire should be close to the base of the trunk obliquely inserted into the basin soil, try to insert to the bottom, and then from the bottom of the winding trunk, winding after bending shape.

② When winding each branch, you must first fix the starting end. Fixed method, usually the first end of the wire into a hook, hook in front of the larger branches, winding the first lap, to suppress the end of the hook, and then circle around to move forward. Winding angle (the angle between the wire and the formation of the wire) is about 45 degrees, but also slightly loose according to the situation. Wrap,tinsel wire the one hand pinch the wire and branches, the other hand to grasp the wire winding forward. With the wire around the forward, followed by one hand followed by the wire and branches to tighten, to prevent the wire wandering and damage the bark.

③ winding, clockwise, counterclockwise direction can be, but the direction of the wire should be twisted with the direction of the twisted line consistent. So wrapped, wire close to the branches, is conducive to bending the type of correction, and vice versa is loose and weak, affecting the shape effect, but also not beautiful. Winding wire should not be too close, do not be too sparse, each circle distance, tinsel wire the angle is roughly equal, so that the force is more uniform, but also more beautiful. 

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