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Tinsel Wire Raw Material
Aug 30, 2017

Metal mesh is the sum of metal and wire mesh, silk mainly refers to the metal, non-metallic materials for the processing of the wire; wire is based on silk as raw materials, tinsel wire according to the needs of woven into different shapes, density and specifications of the network.

Wire fabric is polyester-cotton, Jinmian, Jindi, tinsel wire cotton wire fabric-based, wire content is generally about 5%. Wire fabric refers to the metal by high-tech wire drawing into a metal fiber into the clothing and the formation of a high-grade fabric, the overall fabric, tinsel wire the wire about 3% to 8%, generally the same level of technology, the wire accounted for The higher the proportion of the more expensive. Because of the implantation of wire, the overall color of the fabric bright, if the metal Guangmang, can reflect the unique metallic luster.

Advantages: the fabric surface with metallic luster, vaguely flashing, and with the changes in the light source changes. The metal filament has special rigidity and bending variable, so the fabric has a special variable shape memory wrinkle effect. Fabric with radiation, anti-static and other health concepts of functional effects. Wire fabrics are the most popular functional fabrics with natural memory folds and antistatic properties.

Disadvantages: metal fiber is relatively small, tinsel wire easy to break, avoid hard scrub, after washing should not dry and dry. The fabric can not be rubbed, the use of a long time the mask value will drop, scrubbing and folding is easy to destroy its effect. Wash should take into account its heat resistance, it can not be used too high water temperature, can not be used with bleach ingredients detergent or detergent to wash, tinsel wire so as not to cause fading.

Metal-containing fabric clothing when the need for special attention to prevent wrinkles, because the fabric of particularity, once wrinkled is difficult to deal with, then how should the correct washing?

First check the clothes there is no damage and there are no items inside the pocket, look at there is no particularly dirty place, if there is, use white cat spray clean spray up, less 3-5 minutes, then a soft brush dip detergent rinse Wash, as much as possible to brush the various parts, tinsel wire so that leakage brush, causing a part of the color after brushing, flat on the case for 10 minutes or so, picked up the shoulder rinse in the water, rinse at least three times Above, as much as possible to the above detergent clean, tinsel wire and finally with water hanging up, washing work is completed, this way out of the clothes containing metal wire is absolutely positive, there is little wrinkle phenomenon.