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Stranded Copper wire

Row Material : Bare copperTin-platedNickel-platedSilver-platedCopper alloy Enameled(1UEW,2UEW),etc.

Enameled Color : N-natural、R-red、G-green、B-blue、BK-black,etc.

Variation : soft annealed

Single-wire Diameter : Ranging from Ø 0.03 mm to Ø 0.12 mm

Number of Strands :≥2 strands (subject to single-wire diameter)

Textile Yarn : YES or NO

1、General fiber: polyester、Nylon、Tetoron、etc.

Production Size:30D、40D、50D、70D、100D、150D、210D、250D、300D、500D、1000D、1500D,etc.

2、Aramid/Polyarylate fiber:Kevlar、Vectran、Technara、Zxion MD、Dyneema,etc.

Production Size:18dtex、28dtex、56dtex、110dtex、130dtex、220dtex、280dtex、440dtex、560dtex、1100dtex、1670dtex,etc.

3、Other Customized Textile Yarn.

Wire construction : Strands


YES                                                         NO

Cross Section

Direction of Lay :   Left-hand lay (S) or right-hand lay (Z)


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