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Tinsel wire

Tinsel wire is produced by a thin tinsel or several tinsel layers twining round a flexible textile core,it is superfine and flexible,low specific density.It is based on a special technical process with imported raw material to give long life and outstanding wear protection and corrosion resistance at high temperature and pressure.

Tinsel wire is widely applied in many fields.Such as Medical cable,Automotive cable,Aviation cable,Special cable,Speaker cable,Audio cable,High-end Headphone cable,High temperature cable,High Frequency cable,Low-Noise cable,Robotics cable,Shielded cable,Ultrasound Coaxial cable,Industrial cable,Photovoltaic cable,Power cords for small appliances,Wearable electronics and e-textiles,and so on.

Row Material : Bare copper、Copper Alloy、Tin-plated、Nickel-plated、Silver-plated、Gold-plated、Oxygen Free Copper、Tin copper Alloy、Silver copper Alloy、etc.

Textile Yarn 

1、General fiber: polyester、Nylon、Tetoron、etc.

     Production Size:30D、40D、50D、70D、100D、150D、210D、250D、300D、500D、1000D、1500Detc.

2、Aramid/Polyarylate fiber:Kevlar、Vectran、Technara、Zxion MD、Dyneema,etc.

     Production Size:18dtex、28dtex、56dtex、110dtex、130dtex、220dtex、280dtex、440dtex、560dtex、1100dtex、1670dtex、etc.

3、special Cotton Yarn.

     Production Size:30S、40S,etc.


5、Other Customized Textile Yarn.

Overall Diameter : 0.05mm-0.95mm

Wire Construction 

  1、single tinsel

 Tinsel wire.jpg       image003.jpg

                                Cross Section                            Electron Microscope Image


  2、several tinsel layers


2 Tinsel Layers.jpg                       4 Tinsel Layers.jpg

Cross Section

Tinsel Wire.jpg2.jpg

                                             Electron Microscope Image


    1)、single tinsel wire strands 

    2)、several layers tinsel wire strands

      Number of strands : ≥2 strands

      Direction of Lay :Left-hand lay (S)

Strands.png7 strands.jpg  3.jpg

Cross Section

  4、Mixed Stranded Wire (multistrand Single-wire + the core of Tinsel wire)


Cross Section

    1)、Single wire

      Row Material : Bare copper、Copper Alloy、Tin-plated、Nickel-plated、Silver-plated、Gold-plated、Oxygen Free Copper、etc.

     Variation: soft annealed

    Outside Diameter : 0.03mm-0.12mm

    Number of strands : ≥2 strands

    2)、Tinsel Wire

     Row Material : Bare copper、Copper Alloy、Tin-plated、Nickel-plated、Silver-plated、Gold-plated、Oxygen Free Copper、Tin copper Alloy、Silver copper Alloy、    etc.

    Outside Diameter : 0.05mm-0.40mm

    Number of strands : ≥1 strand



  1the extreme thinness of the foil and the wrapping structural design will reduce the    maximum bend radius imposed on the copper foil during motion, which leads to a low  probability of metal fatigue. Meanwhile, the textile core wrapped by the copper foil  provides high tensile strength. And because of it is extremely flexibility, tensile wire will  hardly fail due to the metal fatigue or break compare to solid wires.

  2Better anti-oxidation, LingKang applied special chemical treatment over our tinsel  wire so it can remain its proper function for long time when exposed to air.Easy to be  soldered, and can be soldered directly on towards metallic surfaces without extra crimp  process.Special construction will be able to obtain low conductor resistant that other  tinsel could not achieve.